Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tattoo Mall

Tattoo malls the ones thought of possibility is here!

What is a tattoo-A tattoo is a created design which is permanently carved in ot the skin with needles and ink. The word originated from the Tahitian term "tatua" which means "to mark." This form of art has been used by people of all cultures & countries all over the world, for centuries. Even in ancient times decorating the skin with beautiful tattoos was a popular practice, but in the United States, tattoo have recently gained social acceptance and has became more widely accepted.

Tattoos in America 

During initial times tattoos were made by hands, but in 1891 the first electric tattoo machine was Patent to the Irish tattooist Samuel O'Reilly at the United States Patent Office. At that time he began his business as a "tattoo parlor" in the city of New York. This was the very first tattoo studio in the America. Soon the tattoo shops became the trend in America of America. Then, during World War I and World War II, military of United States adopted tattooing as a means of protection and remembrance. Conventions, magazines, and other kinds of exposure, made tattooing popular in the country. Tattoos also became very popular with American motorcycle gangs during the mid-1900s and with military soldiers especially sailors.

Tattoos Origin

In 1769, Captain James Cook traveled to Tahitia and observed skin tattoos customs in the local natives. In his writings,Cook described the phrase 'tatua' which "leaves a permanent and indelible mark on the skin." In America, tattoo shops were look the own as dangerous and most people consider them socially unacceptable. But this mindset is now changed & tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in United
States among the people of every age and social status. .

Tattoo Mall

As the Internet becomes more popular and more accepted with today's shoppers, more and more people are finding it more convenient and secure to do their shopping online.
You can find practically everything you're looking for including a spouse as one out of a people that are married met through the Internet.
It comes as no surprise to find thousands of tattoo websites offering a variety of designs and services. It has opened the door to new opportunities for tattoo artist and suppliers but often the frustration is finding the top stores and products. As off-line malls slowly start to become more vacant and more people turn to Internet shopping it opens up a new opportunity for malls on line.
Just like your local mall but without the hassle of finding a parking lot and walking 5 miles just to give what you are looking for. Welcome to the tattoo mall -- No Parking -- No Walking -- Only Clicking. Welcome to the Tattoo Mall